How to Set Up Killswitch

To set up the Killswitch Payment System with your EV Chargers, you need to follow these 3 simple steps.

If you have questions or need help during the installation or configuration, please reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to assist you.

Install the smart switch set

Start by ordering your smart switch set from the Killswitch dashboard page.

Once it arrives, ask an electrician to install it in the EV Charger power line.

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Add switch to your Killswitch account

After your smart switch is installed and connected to the Internet, add it to your Killswitch account and configure your price and other usage settings.

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Print the QR code and post it next to the Charger

Finally, download the switch QR code from the configuration details page.

This QR code will then be used by your customers to access the EV charger payments page.

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Step 1

Buy and Install your Smart Switch Set

For Killswitch to control your EV Charger energy flow upon customer payment is processed, you need to install a smart switch and contactor set in the Charger power line.

1.1 - Order your switch

You can order your smart switch set directly from Killswitch at the Dashboard, using the "Buy smart switch" button.

When ordering your smart switch, you will be asked to enter some electrical characteristics of your EV Charger, such as phase type, ampère and voltage.

1.2 - Install the switch

Once you receive the smart switch, you should ask a certified electrician to install it in the powerline that feeds the EV Charger according to the schema and instructions provided with the hardware. The smart switch set should be installed in your electric switchboard, together with the remaining installation.

1.3 - Connect the switch to the Internet

For Killswitch to connect to the smart switch, you need to have your smart switch connected to the Internet. We recommend that you use a LAN (wired) connection. However, if that is not possible, you can also connect the smart switch to your WiFi (wireless) network.

To connect the switch to the Internet, please follow the instructions provided with the smart switch device.
Shelly smart switchElectric switch board
Killswitch set up new EV charger switchKillswitch Finnancial Account
Step 2

Add switch to your Killswitch account

After having your switch physically installed and connected to the Internet, you will be able to add your switch to your Killswitch account using the "Configure new switch" button.

2.1 - Add new switch

Follow the step-by-step wizard until you have the switch available in the "Your switches" area.

2.2 - Create your financial account

To be able to receive payments from Killswitch for the usage of your EV Charger, you will need to create your connected Financial Account.

You can create your connected Financial Account from the "Account settings" area, under the "Financial Account" section.

2.3 - Configure your switch

To configure your switch, use the "edit" button on the switch's card.

In the switch configuration you will be able to specify the usage unit (in minutes, hours or days), the min and max usage duration and the unit price.

Step 3

Print and post the switch QR code next to the EV Charger

Once you have installed and configured your smart switch, you will be able to download the QR code that contains the link to your switch online control page.

You should print the switch QR code with the size that best suits you and post it next to your EV Charger.

By scanning the QR code with their smartphone, your customers and EV Charger users will be able to open the switch control page and choose the charge duration and make the payment required to use the EV Charger.

Note: normally the EV Chargers are placed outdoor and subject to extreme weather. In order to protect the QR code, you should print it using weather resistant materials.
If you are not able to print the QR code in a weather resistant material, please contact the Killswitch support and request your QR code printouts.
EV Charger with QR code payment systemEV Charger with QR Code Payment

Have questions or need help setting up Killswitch?