Payment System for EV Charging Stations

No subscriptions.
No setup fees.

There are no activation fees or fixed costs to use Killswitch. We only charge a small transaction fee which will be automatically deducted from each payment you receive through the platform.

To use Killswitch you simply need to create a free account, buy and install your smart switch set, and you’re ready to charge for the usage of your EV Charging Stations.

Simple, transparent pricing:

Small fee charged on each payment you collect through Killswitch
What’s included >
  • Unlimited switches
  • Free support
  • Fully configurable
  • Free to use if payments are not used
Fixed transaction fee:


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Frequently asked questions

Killswitch Pricing

Do I need to buy any hardware to use Killswitch?

Yes - you will need to have a smart switch set supported by Killswitch connected to your EV charging station. You can order your smart switch sets directly from Killswitch. The smart switch set you need will be selected according to the power capacity of your EV charger.

How much does the smart switch set cost?

The smart switch set required to use Killswitch is composed of one smart switch and one power contactor. The hardware has a one-time cost of €95.00 per EV charging station (which includes shipping and handling).

Who decides the EV charging price?

You can freely decide the price you want to charge for the usage of your EV charging stations.

We recommend that you define your sales price with markup margin of around 30% to 50% of the cost you pay for your energy, to keep your price competitive.

How much is the transaction fee?

We charge a fixed 5% fee on payments processed through Killswitch.

Note: there is a minimum fee of 0,75 EUR / 0,75 USD per transaction.

Is it possible to discard the minimum transaction fee?

No - the minimum transaction fee is fixed. However, you can configure your price settings to add the minimum transaction fee to the total amount your customer will pay and this way the minimum transaction fee cost will not be supported by you, but by your customer.

Can you give me an example of a pricing breakdown?

Imagine you set the price of your EV charging station usage at 2,00 EUR / hour. If your customer choose charging for 4 hours, the pricing breakdown will look like this:

  • Customer pays: 4 hours x 2,00 EUR = 8,00 EUR
  • Killswitch fee = 8,00 x 0,05 = 0,40 EUR >> 0,75 EUR (min fee)
  • You receive: 7,25 EUR

If you decide to charge the minimum fee to your customer, the pricing breakdown will look like this:

  • Customer pays: 4 hours x 2,00 EUR + 0,75 (min fee) = 8,75 EUR
  • Killswitch fee = 8,00 x 0,05 = 0,40 EUR >> 0,75 EUR (min fee)
  • You receive: 8,00 EUR
How will I receive the payments charged through Killswitch?

Once you set up Killswitch and enable billing, you will receive the value of all payments processed directly to your bank account, on a daily basis.

What payment methods are available in Killswitch?

The payment methods available in Killswitch vary by country. However, typical payment methods include debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and some other local electronic payment methods.

This means that your customer has the flexibility to pay for the usage of your EV Chargers using their prefered payment method.

Is it possible to set a minimum usage?

Yes. When setting up your EV charging station (or other device) you can specify the usage unit - in minutes, hours or days - the unit price and the minimum and maximum usage.

In example, you can set a minimum usage of 2 hours and maximum usage of 12 hours - or any other value that suits you.

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