Rent your EV Chargers and let drivers pay with a QR code - no app needed!

Just like Airbnb, but for EV Chargers

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EV Charging Station with QR code payment system
What is Killswitch?

Easy-to-use Platform for Renting EV Chargers

Killswitch is the easiest way to transform your EV Charging Stations into an energy sales point.

Drivers just need to scan a QR code, choose the duration and pay for the charge using their credit card or mobile payments.

Using the latest smart switch technology, our ready-to-use cloud platform automatically controls the EV Charger energy supply over the period paid for by the customer.

And best of all, the Killswitch payment system is free to use. No monthly subscription or recurring costs, only a small card processing fee per sale - just like any other payment provider.

Sell your energy - the easy way!

How it works

For you:

Get your Smart Switch Set

Order the smart switch kit suited for your EV Charger power from the Killswitch dashboard

Configure pricing and other settings

You can configure the usage unit in minutes, hours or days, set a min / max duration, and adjust your sales price

Post the QR Code and start selling!

Print the Killswitch QR code and position it next to your EV Charger. Your customers simply scan it to use your charger

For your Customers:

Scan the QR Code

Using a smartphone, the Customer simply scans the QR code to access the charger control page

Select the charging duration

Customer selects the charge duration and confirms exactly how much they will pay

After payment is collected, the charger is connected

Killswitch automatically turns on the EV Charger and keeps it connected for the chosen duration

"Using this QR code payment system is really simple. And it gives me the price transparency I was looking for when charging my car."
Catherine M.
Electric Car Owner
& Killswitch User


Increase in public charger usage
Women waiting for EV to finish chargingCharging an Electric Vehicle

Fully-automated system - No time wasted

Killswitch tracks and controls the energy supply to your EV chargers automatically, releasing electric charge once payment is received from your customer.

Payments are then transferred to your bank account on a daily basis. Our cloud platform handles everything for you – securely and efficiently.

Use cases

Where can Killswitch be used?


Hotels, resorts, and guest houses

Remove the worry of where guests can charge their EVs when staying at your hotel

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Man charging his EV at the Hotel
“Charging the car at the Hotel”

Shops, retail parks, and shopping malls

Help your customers to make the most of their parking time at your retail location

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Shopping mall area
“Charging the car while you shop”

Residential buildings, townhouses and apartment complexes

Provide convenient EV charging for residents without incurring in extra energy costs

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EV Charging Stations in residential area
“Charging the car at home”

Office buildings and business parks

Offer paid EV charging stations at your office's parking locations to enable charging  without increasing your energy bill.

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EV connected to a charging station at the Office
“Charging the car at work”
Parking Lots

Parking lots and parking garages

Add an extra revenue stream to your parking premises with self-service EV charging

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EV Charging Stations at a public parking space or garage
“Charging the car while parking”
Fuel Stations

Traditional fuelling stations

Make your fuelling or gas station future-proof by adding automated EV charging

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Gas station with EV charging stations
“Charging the car at the fuel station”
City Authorities

City authorities and town planners

Show your green credentials with EV-friendly parking and charging in public spaces

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Public EV Charging Stations
“Charging your car anywhere in town”
Man charging its Electric Vehicle

Make a profit by adding QR payments to your EV chargers

  • Fully customizable
    Set your sales price, min and max usage and more
  • No commitments or fixed costs
    Small transaction fee deducted from the payment received
  • Universal
    Killswitch is independent from manufacturer and compatible with every EV charger model
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Frequently Asked Questions

What EV chargers models do you support?

Killswitch is an universal payment system. This means it is independent from any particular EV charger manufacturer or model, as it uses smart switches to open and close the energy flow to the charger. In other words, Killswitch is compatible with any type or model of EV charging station.

How does Killswitch connect and disconnect the EV charging stations?

Killswitch powers your EV chargers on and off remotely through a smart switch set that is connected through the Internet to the Killswitch cloud platform.

In a typical Killswitch installation, the charging station power is only turned on upon a successful payment from your customer.

Do I need to buy any hardware to use Killswitch?

Yes - you will need to have a smart switch set supported by Killswitch connected to your EV charging station. You can order your smart switch sets directly from Killswitch. The smart switch set you need should be selected according to the power characteristics of your EV charger.

Do I need any professional services to install and use Killswitch?

No professional services are required. However, we strongly recommend that the installation of the smart switch set in the EV station power line is carried out by an accredited electrician, to avoid the risk of electric shock or equipment damage.

The remaining system configuration can be easily done by you online, using your Killswitch Account dashboard.

How much does Killswitch cost?

Killswitch doesn’t charge any subscription or up-front commitments. We charge a small transaction fee for each payment processed through our platform, just like any other online payment provider. See the pricig page for more details.

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Who decides the EV charger usage price?

You have full control over the usage price of your EV charging station. The price is set per time unit (minute, hour, or day).

We suggest that you set your price within a margin of 30% to 50% above your average energy cost.

For example, if you pay €0,20 per KWh and your EV charger has a capacity of ~7 KWh (32 ampere at 220V), for a total of €1,40 per hour, we suggest that you set your charging price between €1,85 and €2,10 per hour or €0,03 to €0,04 EUR per minute.

You can view a price breakdown in the pricing page.

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How will I receive the payments charged through Killswitch?

Once you set up Killswitch and enable automatic billing, you will receive the value of all payments processed directly to your bank account on a daily or weekly basis.

Can Killswitch also be used without payments?

Yes - you can enable or disable billing for each of your smart switches within the Killswitch configuration. In other words, you can use Killswitch to control the usage of your devices through a QR code without any payment.

Does Killswitch only work with EV stations or can it be used with other devices?

Killswitch can also be used with other electrical devices and electrical installations, since it controls the energy flow to the device(s) using a smart switch set connected to the device’s power line.

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Make a profit by adding mobile payments to your EV Charging Stations

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